What We Do?

At Fliptro, we work with businesses to create a brand identity to help them standout in a crowded marketplace. Our creative team builds impressionable identities to get your company noticed in a positive way by your most important audiences--your customers and employees.


Software solutions for industries including ERP systems!


Android, Windows and IOS app solutions!


Web solutions including designing and hosting!


Photo & video editing, banner design and animation!

Who We Are?

We are a software development company based in Sri Lanka and we do things differently and it shows in both our products and our service. We develop solutions that we are proud of and a fun and productive environment allows us to put in our best effort as well as cultivate pride in what we do. Happy employees make great software and we are passionate about the products we create and build.

Become Our Client

We facilitate your ideas

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Meet Our Team

We are made up of passionate designers, developers, and strategists with an insatiable thirst for building amazing products. We take pride in building trustworthy brands and industry-leading experiences, in setting high standards and then exceeding them beyond expectations. Most of all, we take pride in building value for our clients.

Kumara Roshan

Project Manager

Setting the project parallel to the pre-defined milestones.

Mohamed Nuzrath

Business Analyst

Engaging with our valuable clients and analyse the business need.

Dhilshan Karthigeyan

Business Analyst

Engaging with our valuable clients and analyse the business need.

Mohamed Ashkar

Technical Lead

Motivating the technical team towards the outcome

Thilochana R.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the quality expected by the client.

Mohamed Ramzy

Development Team Lead

Leading the development team for success.

Ahamed Faizal


Making design to alive with coding.

Azmath Zaky


Making design to alive with coding.


Our customers get exactly what they want by communicating with engineers directly and controlling the project as if they were in the same room with the team. If you are looking for a software company to outsource development of your desktop application, web project, mobile app or multimedia designs contact us!